Mainline Lateral Reinstatement Cutters

New Product - T150  5" (125mm) to 18" (450mm) Mainline Lateral Reinstatement Cutting System

T160 6" (150mm) to 15" (375mm) Mainline Reinstatement Cutting System

T80 Small Pipe Lateral Reinstatement Cutter

Reinstate laterals in 3" (80mm) to 6" (150mm) pipe and even negotiate 90 degree bends.

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Air Routers

TRY TEK Air Routers fit various pipe applications with flexibility and ease.

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Air/Water Liner Inversion Products

TRY TEK’s Air/Water controlled pressure inversion units are used to install pipe liner in the Cured-In-Place-Pipe method of rehabilitating pipe.

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Parts and Accessories

Complete listings of our skids, heads, cabling, tools, air routers and accessories. 

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Competitor Parts

We offer parts for some of our competitors' products. Learn more »