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Versatility on Wheels

The OX is a revolutionary new product based on years of suggestive customer feedback and input from professionals in the industry. Use the OX as a camera transporter or adapt the TRY TEK T150 Reinstatement Cutter to a “tractor” driven system.

The OX was designed to work in 8, 10, 12, and 15-inch pipes. A robust tractor design to pull/push heavy loads.

Key Benefits:

  • Compatible with most inspection cameras and all TRY TEK T150 cutter systems
  • Perfect for applications with single entry access
  • Increases application versatility
  • Less cost over other self-propelled cutting systems
  • Broad functionality: Pulls cutting equipment with customer camera or functions as a powerful camera transport
  • Expandable to other utility purposes

Product Resources


Click on the link below to view a brochure of the OX Transport System. This brochure can be downloaded or printed directly.

View Brochure


Click on the OX link below to view a video of the OX Transport System in action.

OX Video 1   OX Video 2