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T80 Small Pipe Lateral Reinstatement Cutter

Besides the need for relining sewer mains, there is also a growing need to reline the smaller diameter lateral pipes that run from buildings to the main lines. These smaller pipes crack, separate and break and are responsible for 50% of the inflow and infiltration of ground water to be processed by municipal sewage processing plants.

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T150 Reinstatement Cutting System

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T160 Mainline Lateral Cutter

The flexibility to handle a wide range of reinstatement situations. The T160 offers the best performance for reinstating laterals in 6″ to 15″ relined pipes. Cutters can be wired to work with the 6 or 8 wire Aries, Bowman, Cues, MIM cutter controls. Appropriate electrical connectors can be installed to match your wiring requirements.

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EZ1 & EZ2 Liner Inversion Products

The CWP Inversion Unit uses water pressure for inversion without the need of high scaffolds or lift trucks. Similar in design and size to an air inversion unit, the CWP Inversion Unit utilizes public water available from hydrants. A hot water boiler is then used to cure the liner. Throughout the inverting and curing processes the CWP Inversion Unit is used to monitor and control the pressure.

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