Competitor Parts

TRY TEK can supply many of the spare parts for our competitor’s equipment. Contact us for more details and pricing.

  • Bowman 615
  • Bowman Dominator (gearmotors only) works with Bowman's original control box model Bowman Jumbo Cutter motors, clutches and seals
    • Ram Motor (TRY TEK part number 9-00148)
    • Rotation Motor (TRY TEK part number 9-00149)
    • Cross Slide Motor (TRY TEK part number 9-00153)  includes slip ring mounted on back.  
  • Bowman Jumbo - Motors, Bearings and Seals
  • Aries Raptor
  • Cues Kangaroo
    We currently only offer the Air Router Mount for the Kangaroo (Part 15-20413),  This mount allows you to use our round air routers with the Kangaroo cutter.

We also have the ability to repair Bowman 615 and Aries Raptor cutters