T160 Mainline Lateral Cutter Control Box

Part Number 9-00175

Control Box Features

  • Capable of working with a cable reel with up to 1,500 ft. (457 m) of cable. It is recommended that the cable on your reel should be 16 Ga. 5 wire cable. 18 Ga. is the minimum that should be used with this control box.
  • The 3 axis controls are joysticks. The one on the right operates the ram; extend and retract axis and the head rotation axis. The one on the left operates the head cross slide (stinger). All axes have polarity reversing switches to change direction of how each axis functions.
  • Digital current meter.  
  • Output 38 VDC (higher starting voltage allows for voltage drop on long power cables)
  • Input 110 / 220 VAC 50/60 Hz inlet with switch and fuse.
  • Standard 7 pin military control cable plug in.
  • Box is brushed aluminum.
  • Small footprint; 10” (254 mm) wide × 8” (203 mm) deep × 5-1/4” (133 mm) high.
  • Light weight at 9 lbs.

To assist you in connecting this control box to your cable reel we have available the mating Amphenol® connector which attaches onto your cable, TRY TEK part number #13-6212 with cable clamp #13-6213. Also available is the Seacon® cable end connector which will mate directly to the cutters TRY TEK part number #13-6393.

Control Box is included in Kit 19-46035 & 19-46051